October 2006

WarmFuzzy’s operates on a shoe string and we make many personal sacrifices in our efforts to save lives. We try to coordinate more direct adoptions but currently do very few as most of the animals we rescue are ferals, so adoption donations are few & far between.  Almost all of the animals that come through our doors stay here at WarmFuzzy’s.  We do receive donations & are grateful for the generosity of our supporters & the fact that these gifts often arrive at the times when we need help the most.  Still it's not enough to cover the on-going costs of vetting, medications, food & related necessities. 

We have the where-with-all to take in many more cats and dogs but not without your help.   Please stop right now and make a tax deductible donation to WarmFuzzy's and save an innocent animals life whose only wrong was to be born because a "human" didn't spay or neuter her mommy and daddy.  Help right that wrong by sending your donation now.

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In the meantime, please call us at 660-267-3497 to visit with Arthur (orange tabby), Gwen & Jackie (gray patch tabbies), all littermates rescued from Louisburg, KS.  They are 1 yrs old Abyssinia mix kitties.  These three are petite cats and you can see their pictures on our web site.  Or call us and tell us you want to sponsor one of these fur kids.

Grace was trapped at an apartment complex near Bannister Mall, KC, MO. Some helpful people at the complex took our trap with the kitten in it and threw it in a K-Mart dumpster. Luckily Grace made enough noise to alert K-Mart's security.

Grace was caught because she would not have survived the week with the below zero degree temperatures. She was just skin and bones when we caught her.

Grace is an absolutely adorable lovable Maine Coone kitten who is spayed and vaccinated.

Grace's adoption fee is $75.00  if you would like to take this little sweetheart and give her a forever home she deserves after the very rough life she has had.


Tax deductible donations can also be made through: 

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Oct, 2006

First off I want to say a Very Big Thank You to Robin Zeplin for letting me use two of her traps. If it weren't for having those two traps we wouldn't be having good news for quite a while longer. I had 3 traps but one has disappeared and another one of mine is broken so that has me down to one. Tomorrow morning I will be returning Robin's traps to her. I also had the help of Trish B who has a huge trap. On one occasion we caught two cats in her trap.

Bad news: Shortly after relocating about 7 cats here to WF we had a "break out". Long story but they all got out. That problem was of course rectified but that meant re-trapping everybody. So we had my one trap working here at WF and Robin's traps over at the trailer park trapping those cats. Part of the bad news was that because one of my days off falls on a Sunday trapping was delayed considerably because it kept raining on Sundays. No self-respecting cat is going to come out of wherever it is they are holed up to sashay into a trap in the pouring rain. In the meantime I was beating myself up trying to get a fence put up around WF to keep the kitties somewhat safe. I got real lucky in that they decided to hang around under WF but that also meant that I had to keep my dogs locked up in the house. It got a bit messy in the house when I would get home 11 hours later from work.

The good news is that Friday morning I opened up the doggy door so the dogs could get out to go potty while I was at work. The bad news is by the time I got home I discovered where I needed to replace some of the fencing. The good news is that I had the money to buy the stuff I needed so I can fix it tomorrow and make some "gates".

The good news is that last Sunday the cat that caused the breakout to start with decided it was time to come inside. This semi-feral cat let me pick it up and carry it inside and plop it in the blocked off room - purring all the way. Friday morning I trapped one of the two last break out cats. The last one is a very feral dark grey guy and this could take awhile. The first break out cat I caught was nice enough to be sitting right outside my front door one morning. That one I picked up, carried inside and is now in a cage in my room at the house. That trip down the hallway carrying the cat was a little dicey with 4 BIG dogs wanting to say hello to the kitty and the kitty not wanting to say hello back. The good news is that somehow I didn't loose any blood during that trip. The bad news is that one of the cats has taken up residence behind the stove at WF and is not coming out. The good news is at least I know where its at. The bad news is now that everybody is back inside I have a lot more litter boxes to clean - 9 at WF and 5 at the house. The bad news is not all the cats are fully litter box trained yet. Doing food, water, litter boxes and clean up takes up at least 3 hours every night. I could really use an extra set of hands.

Thursday night I trapped one of the three remaining cats over at the trailer park. There are two grey tabbies and one very feral Siamese mommy cat left. The Siamese cat I have seen exactly once.

The good news is that I finally have trash pickup here at the house so I'm not driving to Grandview on Sunday's and Cleveland on Thursdays to get rid of my trash anymore. This saves me about $50 a week in gas and I can get a lot more done around here cause I'm not losing 2 hours due to driving on my days off . The bad news is that I am going to have to replace my missing trap but I also need to get a winter coat - I don't have one. I'm hoping hubby can fix the broken one so I can hold off on replacing the missing trap and get a coat.

The good news is that it hasn't rained in awhile and it's going to be warm enough tomorrow that we will be able to get the roof sealer put on over at WF.

And that's about it for the update on what has been happening here at WarmFuzzy's.


The WarmFuzzy's web site ( http://www.warmfuzzys.org ) is constantly adding information and fact sheets.  If you run across anything that you feel should be here please contact us.  Last month we added more information to the Holistic Information section. 

The bottom line is now in order for us to continue taking care of those unwanted warmfuzzy's we need your help.  The Shelter is in dire need of some major repairs.  The pipes broke during the previous winter.  We need piping and fittings.  We need a new kitchen faucet.  We need lumber and plywood to replace sections of walls that have been ruined by water leaks (got the supplies, just need some "hands" to get it put up).  We need to seal the roof (working on this).  We need electrical wiring put in place to support air conditioning and the new furnace that was donated.  During the summer months it can get to better than 110 degree's inside.  It's going to be a very cold winter for the kitties without the furnace being hooked up.  We need a new back door.  Donations of "materials" is also gratefully accepted.

To make a contribution to WarmFuzzy's you can use the Paypal link below.   OR you can send it to WarmFuzzy's, RR #1, Box 50K, Drexel, MO  64742.

To Sponsor one of our WarmFuzzy's:  The first year of sponsorship costs $10 a month to cover the cost of food, vaccinations & being altered.  Every year thereafter costs $8 a month for food and yearly vaccinations.  You will receive a picture of the warm fuzzy you choose to sponsor in email  or US Postal Service along with periodic updates on him/her as well as a Certificate of Sponsorship and a WarmFuzzy's sweatshirt (with a 6month paid sponsorship).  Think about it, then hopefully you will  help save a life. Thank you for supporting our WarmFuzzy's.

Joyce E. Maser-Ellis, Pres.
RR #1, Box 50K
Drexel, MO 64742

Sharon K. Baseley, Vice President
Kathey Carr, Vice President
Terence L. McCullough, Assistant VP

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           If you are have trouble using the Paypal Link go to http://www.paypal.com  and use the email
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