6/12/2002 - Sheri is still in jail and will have a court hearing on 6/13/2002 at 2:30 PM in the Housing Court (downtown Kansas City, MO).   A representative/reporter of the Kansas City Star will be present as will Joyce & Crickett.   
                                                - The Englewood Christian Academy Youth Group has been contacted to help with the clean up of the house. 
                                                -   Truman Villa's Retirement Community is searching for furniture and household items.   This effort is being led by Maxine. 
6/13/2002 - Sheri was released.    WarmFuzzys was again back at the house attempting to trap Sheri's few remaining cats.
6/14/2002 - The house was condemned.  A work permit now has to be obtained to get into the house to clean it up.  Animal Control trapped and euthanized more cats ( according to reports that number is 25 ) however the majority of the cats they caught we strongly believe were neighborhood outdoor stray cats that Sheri was also feeding.  With the exception of possibly 6 cats WarmFuzzy's has caught and removed all of the cats that were originally in the house ( as well as at least one of the outdoor cats which is indeed feral, malnutritioned and in need of medical attention ).   The house had been broken into and the doors left open thereby allowing the outside cats access inside the house.  Sheri has again been issued citations which appear to be for the same exact ones as the previous ones that she has already paid and served 7 days in jail for.  A court date has been set for Sept. 3 in Municipal Court (1101 Locust ).
6/17/2002-   We have just learned today that there are quite a few of Sheri's cats being held at the Raytown Animal Shelter.    However all but one cat was put down prior to the shelter opening which we now have.
6/18/2002 -    Crickett Harkins was killed. 
6/22/2002 -    Memorial Service, Mt. Moriah & Freeman Funeral Home, 10507 Homes Road, Kansas City, MO   3PM
6/23/2002 -    Sheri has decided to let the house go.  She feels that under the circumstances she can no longer live in that neighborhood.
6/26/2002 -    I will be getting pictures, bio's and medical information on all the cats that are available for adoption or fostering this afternoon.  I want to take a moment to thank each and everyone who has written expressing their sympathy, donating supplies and money for all these kitties and offering a home.  I apologize for not getting everyone up on the contributors/donaters list right away but I am working on it.  Crickett's untimely tragic death has been a devastating blow to all of us.  
                                            I also want to apoligize for this web site being down every once in a while, we have been experiencing a few technical difficulties with our server.  We are working hard to correct these problems.

6/29/2002 - Saturday -  They threw Sheri Thompson in jail, killed not only her cats but several of the neighbors pets, condemned her house so she has nowhere to live, my partner & best friend Crickett Harkins was killed around the corner from that house and now this.

On Friday afternoon while I was away from the house ( down at Crickett Harkin’s house ironically enough ) Animal Control Officer Thompson stopped by.  She talked to my son and left a door hanger stating that a neighbor had complained and that this was a second notice that I was over the 4 animal limit.  It also stated that I had 48 hours to show up at Animal Control and pick up my citation or a warrant for my arrest would be issued.  Rod ( my husband ) & I arrived at Animal Control today shortly after noon (which is when they open) .  We spoke with a female clerk who looked our address up on her computer.  She told us that no call/complaint had been received for our address.  She then looked up in her book to see what citation had been issued.  She found none.  I left with her to give to Officer Thompson the paperwork describing our property, address and the fact that we are zoned RA - which is straight Agricultural.  This means I can have 25 animals on this piece of property be them cats, dogs, cows, chickens, pigs, horses or whatever animal we want.  The sad fact of the matter is that this harassment has been going on for years however this year they have decided to step it up despite me continually telling them that we are zoned RA & bringing the paperwork with me to prove it.

7/5/2002 - The driver of the car that ran down Crickett is supposed to be picked up by the police and charged with murder.

For further updates on the matter involving Crickett Harkins please go to this page.   Thank you.

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