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In Memory of Crickett Harkins


        We received the call around three in the afternoon, but no one at WarmFuzzys knows regular hours.  Taking care of a colony requires round the clock attention.  This afternoon would prove to be a little different from our regular routine.  Crickett, who works in our Animal Rescue Division, was told of an elderly lady living in North Kansas City who had been arrested because of the large cat population living in her house. 
        Sheri's conscious had never allowed her to turn away a starving cat, however, her income was not capable of supporting her good intentions.  As it was, Sheri had over forty cats living in her home while she struggled to pay her bills and feed these cats on a fixed income of five hundred dollars a month.  She sacrificed the comforts that many of us could not survive without.  Sleeping in her chair and eating off of a table that was her only other piece of furniture, she had dedicated her life for the past several years to the care and protection of these furry waifs of the community around her.  Neighbors were bringing cats to her front door for her to take care of.  It soon became to be too much of a task for one person to undertake, but she was lacking a support network to assist her in the care of these animals.  Recently, the authorities were notified and she was arrested on Thursday afternoon  (6/06/2001) as she returned home.

        As the WarmFuzzys crew arrived on the scene in an effort to rescue these animals, they were struck with the severity of the situation from about a block away.  With the house closed up, they could smell the animal feces as they drove down the street.  Upon arriving, the smell was unbearable.  Joyce, Crickett and Megan began the work inside the house.  The cats had spread over all three stories of the house so they began by rounding up the cats and corralling them downstairs.  They located twenty four newborn kittens and brought them outside first.  Chuck, Mike and Rod checked the kittens and found them to be surprisingly healthy before placing them in the cat carriers.  Over the next few hours, four more older kittens and eighteen adult cats were captured from within the house and placed in cat carriers.  The cats were divided between our animal rescue shelter and Megan’s own home.  Our exhausted team left the premises at 11:30 p.m. that evening with several cats still roaming the house.

        Friday morning two friends of Sheri’s arrived to assist in caring for the remaining animals when two animal control officers and two police officers arrived.  The officers searched the house with the intentions of removing the cats and euthanizing them however the cats knew all the right hiding places & none were caught.   Saturday afternoon the WarmFuzzy's team was back at the house.

        Thanks to the quick work of the WarmFuzzy's team, we were able to save the lives of forty six cats.  Luckily the remaining animals knew to hide from the officers and will be recovered by the WarmFuzzy's team by the end of this week.

        While we were rounding up the last of the remaining indoor cats the cats the Sherri took care of outdoors started arriving looking for their food.  Those cats were on the AC's hit list too.  By the time we were finished rounding them up we ended up with another 50 cats many of which were pregnant.

        Currently, the animal rescue shelter is filled to capacity as we search for homes and foster parents for Sheri’s cats.    In the meantime, we face the exhaustion of our food, cages and medical supplies while caring for these animals as well as the colony that is in our full time care.

        A group of people concerned for Sheri's situation are coming together to clean up the house and provide furniture. This is a huge task however  Father Tom of the Holy Cross Catholic Church is also now involved in helping Sheri and a special fund is being set up in Sheri's behalf.   Sheri works in the Senior Citizen center at the church.  The rest of these people have never even met Sheri.

        On Monday 6/10/02, Safe Haven of the Ozarks arrived at Crickett's and took eight cats with them to adopt out.  We have recently been contacted by another individual who is willing to take several of the pregnant cats and newborns.

        If you would like to adopt, provide temporary housing or donate supplies to WarmFuzzy's you may reach us at :

Post Office Box 18241
Kansas City, MO   64133-8241



Supplies Needed
For Warm Fuzzy's

To help provide assistance to Sheri with the house clean up, donations, furniture or household items please contact:

Gentle Ministries
Rt 1, Box 50K
Drexel, MO   64742
She Got Stuck
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Anyone sending email to the above address please send it again as we were experiencing difficulties receiving email for about 2 weeks.  Thank you & we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

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Thank you for any assistance you can give to help these warmfuzzys
and Sheri.  Unfortunately, time is of the essence.


In Memory of Crickett Harkins


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