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A Wonderful Rottie Who Was Let Down By A Selfish Man


You were marked as A075970 and you had beautiful, friendly and curious eyes.

A gentle giant who greeted me with love and humor as I knelt in front of you…

I was supposed to be your voice and protect you…

 Only I didn’t get to you in time.

For when I arrived at this hellhole of shelter, I saw this huge man with veins bulging out of his neck, long blond hair in ponytail, and beefy arms waving in anger.

 As soon as I saw him, my whole body became tight in fear.  Watching him arguing with the staff who kept their cool, I crept away to work on others.  Not realizing they were arguing about you!

 I’m so sorry, my love.

As soon as I finished taking your photos, other staff approached me and quietly wrote a damning message…you have bitten in the play area so you’d have no salvation.

Look at your photos!  You and I played together beautifully.  You gave this staff a loving hug and he’s not even good with dogs!

 You knew right away that the man with violence coursing in his body was going to be your death.  Only you bit and shut away a chance for redemption.

 I suppose this is what you wanted.  For you would have found yourself living a miserable life fearing the man’s fist and terrible anger.  Death by needle is better than by fist and starvation and terror while death slowly creeps to claim your life in some backyard chained.

Damn the man!  Damn him!  Only if I was able to get you to safety first surrounded by people who knows your breed and gives you chance.

 In the perfect world in our mind, we’re at the lake under the sunshine.  We’re running by the shore, water glistening off our bodies, our heartbeats creating a silent harmonious music which only we are aware of.

 Pitting ourselves against the huge vertical hill, climbing to the top and celebrate together!

 No pain, no sorrow, no cruelty of the humans can touch us in this piece of heaven.

 Someday, other Rottie will live the dream you and I had.  Change is coming.  I promise you that, my love.

 Know that two of the KCMO Staff didn’t believe that man but had to mark you off due to policy.  They tried to spare you even when I didn’t realize what was going on.

 You lost…my people will see that the female Rottie puppy wins.

 A justice, I suppose, in scheme of this so called life….

 Still, it hurts like a bitch.