The Story

Kendra Albert is a school bus driver. On her route last fall, she noticed at one of the houses that she drove past that there were two Rott puppies chained up to a clothesline pole. They were really cute and she looked at them everyday. As time went by, she noticed that they were not being well cared for. They were thin and constantly chained with heavy tow chains.

She would not see food or water out for them. She called Kansas City MO animal control 2 different times and each time, they said everything was fine and did nothing.
As the months went by, Kendra noticed that one of the dogs, the thinnest one, did not come out of his doghouse. Kendra knew that they were sick and neglected. She finally called Robyn Kendrick, from Neighborhood and Community Services, who is over animal control. She explained the situation to Ms. Kendrick who assured her that she would take care of it. Ms. Kendrick told Kendra that she would send a more compassionate officer out to the place and that she would get the situation resolved. She also promised to keep her posted as to what was happening.
Animal control went out and again, said that everything was fine.
Kendra was very worried for the dog's safety and health and decided that animal control was going to do nothing, so she drove over to the man's house that had these dogs. She was scared of him. He was very gruff and hateful with her. Kendra persevered. The man finally relented and gave her the dogs. The dogs stunk so bad due to neglect and infection. The thinnest dog, Scooter, had an in-grown collar that Kendra had to cut and then the dog shook and shook his head all evening until he finally got it off. The collar was full of infection and the stench was unbelievable. The other dog, King, was so afraid of any sudden movements that he would just cringe in fright. It was very, very sad. They were very thin, especially Scooter-you could see all of his ribs and hip bones.

Despite of all this, these were and are the most loving dogs.
After Kendra got them home and got them situated, she went to animal control and asked for copies of all 3 reports from her calls and their visits out there. She also asked to speak with a manager. They gave her Joe Perez, a supervisor. He apologized all over himself and told her that when the officer that had gone on the last call got in that evening, he would certainly speak with him. When Kendra got home and looked at all of her copies, the name of the officer on the third and final call that declared everything fine was Joe Perez himself! Unbelievable!!
By this time, it had been over a week since Kendra had spoken with Ms. Kendrick, who had assured her that this would be resolved and she would keep her updated on the progress. Kendra has never heard another word from Ms. Kendrick.
Kendra and her husband have taken excellent care of these boys. They are blossoming and finally enjoying their puppyhood that they never really had. They are about 10-12 months old. They are neutered, vaccinated, and heart wormed checked. The only thing that they need now are permanent, loving homes. Please pass this on to everyone that you can think of and let's find these guys wonderful new loving owners.
Please contact Kendra Albert at 816-737-8574 if you are interested in Scooter or King.
Her email is



Here are Scooter and King After Their Rescue

Now look at these handsome boys!!! They are really awesome dogs!! They are filling out, their wounds are healing and they are beautiful. The one in blue is Scooter and the one in green is King. The woman in the one pic is Kendra, their savior. What a godsend she is to these boys!! I have many more pictures of these guys.  King was very frightened of sudden movements of any kind and would flinch and hit the ground if someone moved too fast.  He doesn't hit the ground anymore in fear-he's learning that people can be nice!

04/08/2005 -  Both dogs have now been neutered.


These guys still need to get in and get neutered. If anyone can respond with prices from various low cost clinics and let us know how much it would cost, we can make a decision and get them in and get them done. If anyone can help financially and contribute to their vet care, food, Heartguard, flea control, etc., please email Kendra or myself. Her email is Thank you, Christine Gaughan, for your contribution. It is much appreciated! Kendra and her husband already have their own 2 big dogs, so now they are feeding 4 big ones.
Scooter is going to need a hip X-ray.  He's still only a pup, but was beaten with a baseball bat and may have an old injury from that.

Kate Quigley