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Due to medical conditions these dogs are not adoptable and will remain here at WarmFuzzy's Sanctuary.


         RUGER                                                     ANNIE   


DUCHESS                                                        JAZZ



Ruger: male is Bull Mastiff, Great Dane & Lab mix who had surgery to save his front leg and foot

Duchess & Annie are Ruger's nieces who are Bull Mastiff, Great Dane, Lab (their mother), Chow & Rottie (their daddy).    These two have shoulder problems - bone grinding on bone & need to be on medication for this. 

Our most recent rescue is Jazz a female Black & Tan Coon hound who was beaten by her previous owner.  She has hip problems due to those beatings.  She needs more x-rays and proper medication to help ease her pain.  Jazz also needs to be spayed.  She is very timid and loving.  She is also known for her spontaneous episodes of goofy exuberance. 

We need donations so they can all be brought up to date on vaccinations & heartguard. 

We need Frontline Plus for these four dogs.