While not a "new" shelter we have been able to provide a haven for our kitties this winter courtesy of Rod Ellis of Raytown.  Mr. Ellis owns a three and a half car garage.  Two days before Dec. 25, 1999 we were cleaning out the "half" which sits behind the other three.  A tarp was hung to temporarily close off the area where the door used to be and straw was put down.   Come spring time we hope to put up a permament door with kitty doors and cubby's for the kitties to nestle in.  By next winter we hope to be able to provide heat in that area.

We are also in the process of gathering resources to put together a recovery room where the kitties will be able to stay indoors when recovering from surgery.    As the leaks in the roof in this area have recently been taken care of (many thanks to our volunteers Lisa & Briscoe), it now requires a new subfloor to be put in, the walls and ceiling have to be torn down, new sheet rock put up along with new electrical wiring. 

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