DREXEL, MO. - People in Drexel, Missouri are still cleaning up from the storm there earlier this week. But, the local animal shelter says it's struggling to put a roof over 25 little heads because the trailer where all the animals were housed was destroyed.

Before the storm hit Drexel, an entire trailer was actually sitting 6 to 8 feet over from where it's standing now.

Now, that the trailer is unstable. Warm Fuzzys Animal Shelter doesn't know what they will do.

"We have another storm, any more wind, this thing is going down because it's only held up on two corners right now," said Joyce Maser-Ellis.

Joyce was glad her home survived the storm. But, the trailer that houses the Warm Fuzzys Shelter was badly damaged.

"Last day and a half, we've been pushing everything back to where it belongs and hoping there wasn't a cat crushed under there and we got lucky no one got hurt," said Maser-Ellis.

But, she says their luck could run out. 20 rescued cats, and five newborn kittens all need somewhere to go because she says the building is buckling and could snap in half.

Some of the cats are tame. But most are feral, found dumped in a trash can or deserted when people moved.

"My alternative at this point unless someone steps up to help with these cats, I open the front door and say 'Go' because it's safer outside than in here if this place snaps in half, the roofs coming down, the walls are coming down, someone's going to die," said Joyce.

Once the cats are safe, Joyce will start worrying about the trailer since insurance won't cover the damage.

"We're in trouble. We need help and if someone can help pick this up and put it back up that would be awesome. If not, it's going down and it would be the end of Warm Fuzzys and rescuing animals," said Joyce.

Contact for Warm Fuzzys: http://warmfuzzys.org/ 913-377-2009 or 660-267-3600