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UPDATE:  4/8/2005



She is absolutely GORGEOUS as you can see by her picture taken today! (I heard there was some confusion because I sent a pic earlier from another web site, trying to show everyone what the pup looked like. That pic was not the same pup, and thought I explained that. Please accept my apologies for any earlier confusion.)

Anyway, we picked her up today (Friday) about 11:30. She loves everyone, and is very friendly and playful! She was calm and well-behaved in the crate while driving in the car...and never soiled the crate one time.

I bought her some new squeeky toys and a few chews to keep her occupied for the car ride, but apparently she'd never had them before, as she moved to the back of her crate. She was afraid of them, so removed them, but I'm sure she'll figure out in no time at all what toys are all about!

We stopped by my house for some pics before taking her to Tracy's. It took a while before she would walk in the grass...it was all new to her...but once she sniffed around a bit, she decided it felt pretty good on her little paws!

Walking with a leash was scary for her at first too, but my daughter worked with her for about an hour, and before long she was strutting down the sidewalk like a champ!

She LOVES to cuddle too!  She sat with my daughter in the front yard under the shade tree after their little training session, and the pup cuddled right up in her lap! What a sweety!

At Tracy's house, she was a little aggressive at first towards Tracy's German Shepherd, but after just a few quick, gentle reprimands with the leash, she learned very quickly that was not good behavior. (Very quick learner!) Soon she was running and playing with the other dogs like this is somthing she had been doing all her life!

Wish you all could have seen her simply enjoying life this afternoon! It was so gratifying...one of those feel good days that you never forget! My heart is simply over-whelmed by the generosity so many of you have shown in helping this baby escape what could have been a horrible life if she had been returned to the breeder! Each and every one of you can only be described as her guardian angels!

I also want to address some messages from a few out there who feel I should have revealed the name of the Pet Store where the Chow pup was found, so that protests could be made directly to the store owner.

I purposely did not reveal the name of the Pet Store because I do not believe angry words will solve the problem. What I hope to do with this pet store (and I believe there is a very good chance this idea will succeed), is to try convincing the store owner to contact rescue if this same situation should come up again so that we may take any unsold puppy into rescue and find it the good home it deserves.

My feelings are that if we can develop a good repoire with our adversaries, over time and with much patience, more open dialoge will develop, and we may slowly initiate the type of change we are all working so hard towards concerning puppy mills/backyard breeders and the sale of puppies for profit.

In the meantime, we will tell the story of the pet store Chow pup. We will make sure the new adoptive family knows her story, the new family will tell the story to their family and friends....and so on!

Major changes do not always happen with force or with the speed we hope. In this case, one dog at a time...as we tell the story...others will repeat the story...and someday, the majority of families will look towards rescue and shelters when considering adding a pet to their family....and the market for pet store puppies will eventually fade away.

Our grandmothers always told us that patience is a virtue...I believe it is true in cases such as this also!  In the meantime, we must diligently move forward...save the ones we can...and continue telling their stories! We simply need to move forward...doing the right thing...and without malicious behavior!

Again...thanks to each and every one of you out there who have helped this puppy...and to all those for your kind words of support! You all are simply the best!!!!

Jan Paschall - Carpenter janmarie1952@hotmail.com
"Never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way." Author Unknown


UPDATE:  4/6/2005

Hi everyone...we're still needing 3 more donations of $25.00 each to save the 6 month old female crème Chow pup from the pet store and being returned to the breeder!!
The pet store owner says he will return her to the breeder for a store credit or in exchange for a young puppy if she is not sold very soon! There is little chance she will be sold now because of her age (6 months) and she now weighs about 20 pounds. She is no longer a tiny puppy...the type people buy on impulse...so is not very marketable for the pet store!
The pet store owner is very eager to get rid of her...he wants his money...if he does not get it, her fate is sealed with the breeder.

I tried convincing him to donate her to a non-profit rescue so he could claim the donation on his taxes. He said "NO"! BUT he would "sell" the pup to rescue for $250.00 and claim the loss in profit margin on his taxes.

I don't like the idea of buying a pup from a pet store any more than anyone else, but this situation is a little different knowing what will happen to this puppy if she is returned to the breeder. My heart tells me NOT to allow that to happen!

Please help! If we can collect another $75.00 by Friday, we can get her into foster care and headed towards the life she deserves!

You can email me at janmarie1952@hotmail.com

I will be out an about on Thursday and Friday picking up donations. If you are ANYWHERE in the Kansas City metro area, I will be more than happy to pick up your donation!

Please...let's end the week with a happy ending for this little Chow pup...don't let her be returned to the breeder. Her fate is irreversibly sealed if that happens!


Hi Everyone!

I contacted the pet store owner Tuesday evening in regard to the 6 month old crème female Chow puppy. If the pup is not sold ASAP it will go back to the breeder in exchange for a younger puppy...and we all know what that means...a life as a breeder...or worse!

The pet store owner refuses to donate the pup to rescue, even though it was explained to him it would be a tax write. He responded by saying if he sells the puppy for what he has in it, he can still claim the loss in profit margin on his taxes.

Original price for the puppy was $650.00. The pet store will sell the pup to rescue for $250.00 under these conditions:  With a bill of sale from the licensed NON-PROFIT rescue group on their letter head, stating the sale for $250.00 "as is"...final...no health guarantees...no repercussions to the pet store.

We need 10 pledges NOW of $25.00 each so that we may save this Chow pup!

To date, we have received 5 pledges of $25.00 each.  Time is of the essence, as the pet store owner is eager to get rid of the Chow pup ASAP! We need to take care of this by the end of the week!

PLEASE, we desperately need 5 additional  donations of $25.00 each before the end of this week!

We have people who have offered to foster the puppy, so she has a safe place to go if we can simply get her out of the pet store.

I know buying from a pet store goes against everything we stand for in rescue, but this is a dire situation! The puppy's fate will not be a good one if we do not help by guiding her into the hands of rescue who will assure she finds the kind of home she deserves.

If we can come up with $250.00, with a bill of sale on a non-profit rescue's letter head, I can pick her up this week, and get her into foster care!

Please...can you help with a $25.00 donation?

Jan Paschall - Carpenter <janmarie1952@hotmail.com>

NOTE:  WarmFuzzy's is supplying the letterhead.

My daughter and I saw a very heartbreaking sight this evening, so we are sending this letter with the hopes that someone out there can help this poor Chow Chow puppy!

We recently began fostering a little dog who is marking in the house. We tried all kinds of homemade belly bands, but none worked. We did not want to confine him to a crate until the belly bands we ordered over the internet are delivered, so went shopping today all over the city looking for a belly band to use until the others are delivered.

Unfortunately, we ended up in some pet stores that sell puppies from puppy mills (Grrrrr). In one pet store, all the puppies had been sold except for 1 young Chow Chow puppy. We are not sure of his age, but he looked to weigh between 20-30 pounds.

It was a heartbreaking and pathetic sight! He did not even react to my daughter and I when we approached his cage (which he had clearly out grown) and spoke to him, but his eyes closed when we scratched his head....wonder how long it had been since anyone showed him a little kindness?  

When we walked away, he laid his head back down very sadly, with a blank stare on his face, all alone in his cage, no toys, no food, no water...in a dreary, dark area in the back of the store...nothing whatsoever to engage his interest. He laid on newspapers in a wire bottom cage.

The haunting look in his eyes reminded us of pictures we have seen of concentration camp survivors! Even the smell in the store was disturbing...not sure what the smell was...but it certainly was not pleasant!

We asked the clerk why they only had one puppy for sale? The clerk said all the others were sold, and they must get rid of the Chow Chow puppy SOON before they get their new delivery of puppies from the breeders. (Grrrrrrrr!)

At this point, I was holding my anger in, and had to leave the store, for fear my anger would get the best of me, which would not be productive in trying to work with this store to save this puppy.

Now that I have calmed down a bit, I plan to call the store tomorrow to find out what happens to the puppy if it is not sold in time...before the next shipment of puppy mill puppies arrive. I happen to know who the owners are...they went to the same church we attended when we lived in the area about 10 years ago. So I may call them directly to find out what the options are for this poor Chow Chow puppy.

The Chow Chow puppy was originally listed for $650.00, but his price has been reduced to $400.00...for quick sale! (Grrrrrrr!) I'm worried what will happen to him if he is not sold before the tiny puppies arrive in the next shipment, when will not look nearly as attractive, and because he is so attention deprived, and no longer reacting excitedly as a puppy normally would to attention, we are fearful of what his fate may be!

I will try to talk the pet store owners into turning the puppy over to rescue if he is not sold before the new shipment of puppies come in, but if I am not successful (my offer does not include a profit for the store), I am hoping we can perhaps raise the funds to purchase him so that he may have an opportunity to live the type of life he deserves with a loving family.

The Chow puppy is located in Kansas, just west of the Kansas City, Missouri metro.

Can anyone out there PLEASE help?

You can respond via TAT or e-mail me privately at janmarie1952@hotmail.com with any ideas to save this poor Chow puppy! (By the way he is GORGEOUS...a very light buff colored coat!)


Jan "Never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way." Author Unknown

Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2005


I went back to the pet store this afternoon to speak with the store owner about the 6 month old Chow puppy. The owner was not there, but the same store clerk was. He is aware I am with rescue, but was very cordial and answered all my questions without hesitation.

I asked specifically what will happen to the puppy if it is not sold. The clerk said this is the first time the store has run into this problem after 30 years in business.

He said no customers have shown any interest in the Chow puppies whatsoever...perhaps because of the breed's reputation. This is the first time they have tried to sell Chow puppies, and only got in 2. He said recently, a friend of the owner's bought the male pup for a reduced price, but still no interest in the female.

He said the owner is considering putting the Chow puppy up for bid. This worries me even more, because if the price goes down dramatically, a breeder may end up buying her!! This is a creme/buff colored Chow...one of the rarest colors...so a breeder would be very much interested in her...and she has a GORGEOUS FULL COAT! Now that she is 6 months old, she is very near to the age where she will come into her first heat and become valuable as a breeder!

The owner will be in the store this weekend through Tuesday. However, I will be sleeping during the day because I work the 7p-7a shift at the hospital Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights.  I plan on going back to the store on Tuesday to speak with the owner directly.

THE GOOD NEWS: The puppy was more active today, and even tried to play with me through the wire cage, sticking her little rear end up in the air and batting at my fingers. She needs a bath, but otherwise appears to be healthy.

Even though I have not yet spoken with the pet store owner, I feel fairly certain the only way to get this puppy out of harms way, and away from the possiblity of a breeder buying her, is to place a bid on her.

Her current price is $400.00! Through a friend on the east coast, I learned that the average price paid in 2004 to the breeder by the wholesaler for a creme colored female Chow puppy was $230.00. 

I do not have information on what price the wholesaler sells to the pet stores, but I would guess the current reduced price of $400.00 the pet store is listing for this creme colored female Chow puppy is close to what he paid for the puppy (original sale price to the public was $650.00).

If we could get just 16 people to donate $25.00 a piece, we could save this little Chow puppy from being sold back to a breeder and a life of horrors we don't even want to think about...and into rescue and eventually the loving forever home she deserves!

So we need 2 things very soon:

(1) 16 cash donations of $25.00 each

(2) A temporary foster home until she can be transported to Chow Rescue in Texas.

Please contact me at janmarie1952@hotmail.com or via TAT!

We all need a happy ending...and this one should be an easy one!

Chow Rescue will take her if we can pull her!


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