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We Needed A Home
And we found one


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Oct 6th, 2000, Friday.
Lucky got his name because he is very lucky to be alive !!
Lucky took a ride in the engine compartment of my car to work at 3pm.  At 6pm someone came in and told me that who ever owned the station wagon parked on the side of the building should NOT move the car.  There was kitten meowing and stuck up in the wheel well.  Running out to the car sure enough there was a 5 week old very greasy kitten.   Two baths & a trip to the vet later Lucky is doing all the things a kitten a should be doing.  It's almost time for Lucky to go live with someone who will take good care of him and love him to pieces. 
We'll have a picture of Lucky online shortly.  He's a very bouncy black and white male with huge owl eyes who has had his first set of shots. 

UPDATE: Dec. 20, 2000 Lucky found a home !!


 Patches is now a 1 1/2 years old black and white shorthaired feral male.  We caught him Jan. 31st, 2000.  He was suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection.  We originally thought Patches was deaf but came to find out after being on antibiotics for several weeks that apparently he had severe ear infections.   Patches can now hear just fine.   Patches needs a good home to go to.  Patches isn't a "pickup and hug cat" but he surely loves to petted and scritched under his chin.   He will stand or sit in your lap when he feels like it. 

UPDATE: Dec. 20, 2000 Patches went to live with Lucky (now known as Lil'Kitty)!!  And has turned into a very huggable kitty.  Thank you Lisa and Ray !!

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