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We Needed A Home
And we found one !!

kitty2.jpg (39080 bytes)Lain (aka Socks)
This fuzzy black & white baby was abandoned by her mommy.  She was rescued by us on 9/11/2000 without much fuss on her part.  She was not in very good shape and we weren't sure if she would make it through the night.  God smiled on us that long night.  Tonight, 9/19/2000 Socks went to an absolutely wonderful home with a supply of Kitten Replacement Milk & kitten food.   Our most heartfelt thanks to John Scott Terry for taking our baby home with him.


kitty1.jpg (34989 bytes)Lain (aka Socks) Here is an email we recently received & wanted to share with everyone.
Tue, 3 Oct 2000
     Rod, Can you forward these pics on to Joy.  Tell her that "Socks" is doing just fine.  We gave her a new name "Lain".  She had ringworm which she got some medicine for and now is doing just fine.  She's just as happy as she can be and still loves playing playing with that "invisible moth"!
     Joy, Thank you SO much!  Natalie REALLY loves the kitten.  We will bring back the carrier and blanket this weekend.  Hope you enjoy the pics!
Scott Terry


sonatasprout.jpg (144636 bytes)9/17/99 - Tang (orange), Sprout (left)& Sonata (right) - 8 week old litter mates, Mystique's babies, will be needing a home shortly.   Sonata is the smallest though the loudest in demanding attention which he does rather often.  Tang is curently extremely skittish & she requires the slow quiet approach.  Sprout is special in he is down to 8 lives.  He was found at death's door, did stop breathing but was resuscitated.  He is progressing very nicely.   Sprout is the quiet mellow one of the bunch.

tangsonata.bmp (162854 bytes)

This is Tang & Sonata before we caught them & brought them inside.   They are about 5 weeks of age in this picture.

UPDATE:   10/15/99 - They have all been adopted out.


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