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We Needed A Home
And we found one

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Puzzles – This spotted black and white kitty was a record breaker.  As a fully grown second generation feral cat, the statistics for taming her were slim to none.   After Puzzles was brought inside, a very sick and screaming cat that had to be caught with the rather crude method of spaghetti-pot-over-the-cat, we dumped her into the canine cage that most other cats found comfy.  She spent the next six hours tearing up the food, water, litter (and box), newspaper, toys, blankets and carpet that her paws found outside the cage.  She consequently caught the attention of our over-achiever, Lisa.  Lisa spent the next 48 hours nursing a never-ending-coffee-pot, and sitting beside the not-so-happy cat.  When it was all over, she emerged, beaming, with Puzzles in her arms.  Every statistic in the book gave Lisa the optimistic date of two weeks.  Apparently, she hadn’t read the book. Thankfully, Puzzles couldn’t read either.


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