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We Needed A Home
And we found one

Persiphonie - found in a tree, later climbed owners Christmas tree - some habits never die.   :)



Fearless Fosdick - went to live with a school teacher

Cry Baby


Two mini-miracles – Sometimes even mommy cats have a tough time taking care of their babies.  In this case, a whole litter.  The mother cat was not apart of our colony, but arrived just in time to give birth.  Frightened by who-knows-what, she ran off, leaving her uncleaned new-borns behind.  Bob was the first one to find them, under a board at the back of Warm Fuzzy’s property, on a routine check.  He immediatly raced back and brought Joyce to the babies.  Joyce realized that the mother had been gone for several hours, and thought the kittens to be dead.  She brought them in anyway, hoping to at least give them a proper burial.  But Lisa heard a breath.  The race against the precious few minutes left began.  Formula was heated, bottles boiled, towels found from every corner were drug into Lisa’s room.   The babies were so small that both fit in one of her hands.  They were still covered in placenta and still had the umbilical cords attached.  One of the babies had the umbilical cord wrapped around it’s neck, and it had quit breathing.   While not the most sanitary choice, Lisa proceeded to give CPR to the kitten, pushing as much as she dared on the poor things chest until she finally felt a pulse ripple through its veins.  What felt like days, was only hours, but both kittens were resuscitated and rushed to the vet.  The receptionist at the front desk took pity on the two itty-bittys in a towel-laden shoe box, and took them home with her.  She was their guardian angel.