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Whiskers is getting the bug on a string that is hanging over him. He was dumped by a man in a blue chevy pickup. He is one of the most loveable cats I have ever seen.
Bowzer. He is a beautiful guy and he is so loveable. He loves to act like he is going to get you. You turn around and creep your fingers toward him and he raises his back, hisses and runs the other way.

Fluffy is the son of Miss Kitty who came up missing two years ago. Her children included Sonya, Jessie and Rascal. Rascal is also gone and Blondie has not yet been trapped. Bowzer is Fluffy's Brother. Both Fluffy and Bowzer were picked up by a young girl and physically thrown up into the air several feet and than she ran. Both kittens were Ok but, they should not have had to suffer the fear of what happened.

Tippy was found under a pile of old lumber. She was no more than a few weeks old and very hungry, very sick and extremely thin.

Chomper was one of seven puppies who were picked up by our local police department. He was the only who was not destroyed. He is a beautiful black lab who thinks his world is one big chew toy. Thus the name Chomper. If it sits still too long, it is chewed up. Doesn't he have a Great smile!