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Boots was literally dumped at Dr. Koch's office. The woman who had her called me and said she didn't want her hanging around in her house. If Terri had not been coming out to check the mail, Boots would have been hit on the highway right beside the vet's office.
Mustang was brought to my front door by a young man who said he found her stuck in the center of freshly poured tar. Someone had thrown her out of their car.

Spooky was living in my Mother's old shed. We don't know how she got there, but, she was very thin, very sick and she had had babies and while she was nursing she became pregnant again. All of the new babies died before they were born. She had a serious upper respiratory infection. She couldn't eat, drink or swallow. Her other babies were Shady, Grimms and Claws. They were all feline leukemia positive and all have all passed away.

Gizmo is a wonderful girl. She was resued at only a few weeks old. Her brothers, Choo Choo & M&M are with her. Her other brother Ditto is in a Special Needs Room. He cannot be with his siblings. He has Feline Leukemia. Their Mother Sonya was very sick when we rescued all of them. She had upper respiratory infection and could not eat or drink. She lives in another room at our rescue.

Choo Choo. This little guy is a steam roller. He loves to jump on your back. Rub his head against yours and just know that you love him.


M&M which is short for motor mouth. This cat will talk at no less than 60 miles per hour and absolutely must have the final and last word. He is hilarious. He can jump over six foot straight up and will jump from one side of the room to the other to greet you.

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